South Belfast Counselling is committed to protecting the health and safety of its clients and has taken reasonably practicable steps to ensure face-to-face counselling is able to take place.

Clients are asked to attend face-to-face counselling at their own risk and after making a personal risk assessment.

Clients are asked not to access face-to-face counselling if feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Online and telephone counselling will be offered to those who do not feel ready to engage in face-to-face counselling or who are defined as being from a vulnerable group.

Clients are asked to attend face-to-face counselling at the time of their scheduled appointment and on their own.

Contact points will be disinfected between clients and hand sanitiser and tissues will be provided.

Chairs are positioned one-and-a-half meters apart, which allows for seated face-to-face interaction at two meters.

Good ventilation will be observed where possible.

Client numbers will be reduced in any one day.

Counselling contracts will be supplied and agreed via email and prior to the commencement of face-to-face counselling.

Clients are asked to bring their own drinking water. Disposable, paper cups will be made available.

The counselling contract notes that the counsellor is required by law to disclose some material facts and information to a third party and this clause may be enacted should the need for contact tracing arise. All personal data provided by the client is kept in accordance with data protection legislation.

Magazines and other reading materials have been removed from the waiting area.

Updated 14 October 2020